• Bathroom Makeovers

  • Carpentry

  • Decks

  • Drywall Repairs

  • Flooring Installations

  • Home Maintenance

  • Kitchen Makeovers

  • Landscape Design and Simple Installations

  • Living Room Renovations

  • Renovations

  • Remodeling

  • Renovations for Seniors

  • Storage Solutions

  • Unique Closet Renovations

  • And Much Much More!

Bathroom Makeovers

Complete bathroom renovations!

• Vanity replacement with wall backsplash installation.

• Toilet repairs or renovations.

• Showerhead repairs or replacements.

• Faucet repairs or replacements.


Areas of your home may look a little “too retro”.  Do your trim and doors need updating to achieve a more modern look?  Carl Romano can replace your slab door with six panel doors for a more modern look.


Has your deck needed attention the last few years and now really needs care? Maybe your deck requires just a power wash and a fresh coat of stain?  Have a few boards have come loose over the cold Michigan winters?  Let Carl Romano make your deck look fresh and revived after years of  being exposed to the elements.

Drywall Repairs

Certain areas of our homes take some wear and tear through the years.  Have you opened your doors too far, putting holes in the wall with the door handle?  Maybe a party “got out of hand”?  Do you have settlement cracks?  We can handle all types of drywall repairs to make your walls look fresh and smoothe  again.

Flooring Installations

• Tile removal and installation.


• Installation of radiant heating under floor system. * (If an approved and inspected electrical receptacle has been installed meeting all National and Local Electrical Codes.)

• Manufactured Wood Flooring renovation and installations.

Home Maintenance in Service Areas of Your Home


• Furnace filter replacements.

• Adjust humidifier seasonal settings and filter replacements.




• Storage cabinet assembly and installation.

• Tool rack and shelf installation.

• Garage Door Opener Only installations with battery backup. These openers make sure you and your vehicles are never stuck out in the cold, or held captive inside garage after electrical power loss. *(If an approved and inspected electrical receptacle and circut has been installed meeting all National and Local Electrical Codes.)

Kitchen Makeovers

  • Kitchen planning and redesign incorporating a modern look with an eye towards reasonably priced modifications.

• Cabinet removal and replacements.

• Backsplash Installation from counter to cabinet.

• Cabinet hardware updating.

• Food waste disposal repair and renovations.

• Faucet repairs and updating.

• Over the range microwave removal and replacement.

• Dishwasher replacement and installation.

Landscape Design and Simple Installations

  • Landscape design, plant selections and installations.

• Low Voltage landscape lighting designs and installations. *(If an approved and inspected exterior electrical receptacle for a transformer has been installed meeting all National and Local Electrical Codes.)

• Irrigation standard controller repairs or updating to a new Wi-Fi to control your sprinklers on the go from your smartphone.

• Irrigation system repairs.

Living Rooms Renovations (Rooms You Live In)


• Thermostat replacement or updating from standard or to Wi-Fi.

• Light bulb replacements.

• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector installation and battery replacement.

• Flat screen TV mounting bracket installation.

• Furniture assembly.

• Door chime repairs and updating.

• Interior or Exterior door repair or door updating.

• Lockset and door hardware modernizing.

• Window Treatment updating and Installation of most types.


Kitchens sometimes need just an update of cabinet doors or a new faucet. Bathrooms may need an update with a new vanity or toilet.  Carl Romano can work with you to help you desires for a new bathroom or kitchen “LOOK” without the need to remodel the entire room.


Carl Romano will work with you to evaluate and asses your requirements for your home with a FREE initial estimate.  Ideas and designs can be evaluated and developed to meet your individual needs and requirements. Carl is very easy to work with and he will help you create the best design for your project, so call      Carl today!

Renovations for Seniors

As we mature our bodies transform, thus requiring changing our home environments to meet these new necessities.  Let Carl Romano help your home adapt to meeting your new needs.  The more common modifications are:   • Bathroom refinement to accommodate physical changes including removing a bathtub and modifying it into a shower stall.

• Exchanging standard height toilets to comfort or chair height.

• Grab bar placements throughout your home in various areas.

• Interior and exterior lock set replacements meeting ADA standards.

• Cabinet modifications for physical impairments. Examples include; cabinet extending racks or roll out shelving for ease of use.  An additional handrail installed for support on both sides of stairways, not just one side.

Storage Solutions

We all have “stuff” and that “stuff” needs to go somewhere.  If it is in a garage, in a basement or really any room in your home, Carl Romano can work with you to develop a storage solution that will make both you, and your “stuff” happy.

Unique Closet Renovation Methods Which Go Beyond Just a Design

Need help organizing your closets but not sure where or even how to start?  Always desired a custom closet system, but cost became an issue?  Let Carl assist you first by helping you organize your belongings in a kind, accommodating manner.  Then, install a closet system within budgeting levels from cost-effective through premium, meeting your living requirements.  Carl believes, “You only need to organize once to regain and maintain order in your home.”

And Much Much More!

Home ownership can create a wide range of issues that require repair and maintenance.  Carl Romano presents this list as a small outline of services we can offer you to care for your home needs.  Your home is the single largest investment you can make , and your home takes pride in keeping you out of the elements.  Do you think it is about time to return the favor and care of your home, the way your home has cared for you?  Let Carl Romano provide the care your home deserves!